File Format Conversion
The typical pattern is that you can do a free upload and get a link to download a converted file, but if you are one of the hoi polloi don't plan to do this on deadline. If you want fast, you pay -- and you pay quite a bit. Will convert about anything to any other compatible format. I uploaded that 4 mb .mov file to convert to .avi. About 40 minutes later I had an e-mail with a link to the converted file, which worked fine. If you want the valet service, pricing is from $7 to $49 a month.

Video capture will capture video from You Tube and Vimeo and convert it to an FLV or MP4 file.

Note: We used to recommend Vixy, but you now must download the program instead of doing the conversion online, and the latest version has brought several online reports of adware/malware. (2014)

Print Screen:
Gadwin Print Screen: One of the coolest little utilities I've found (both freeware and a paid version). This gives Windows users the utility that MAC has built into "Grab." The program allows you to define part of a screen and take a screen shot, as well as a full window or a full screen. It outputs in JPG and other formats, not just the dreaded BMP.