This page has links to useful blogs and related sites.

While we'd love for you to go directly to these sites, for the modern journalist the most efficient way to monitor these and other sites is through RSS feeds. If you do not have an RSS reader, we'd suggest one of three, all Web based:
  • Netvibes: This allows you to create multiple pages, much like this Wiki, so you can have one for blog feeds, one for news feeds, etc. It also has other widgets such as a to-do list and the ability to file Twitter (see the Web Sites page for more on that service) and Facebook directly from Netvibes.
  • Bloglines: One of the original online RSS readers. Not as functional as Netvibes, but it has a less-complicated interface and allows you to save posts.
If you don't want to use a reader and want a full spectrum of many of the journalism blogs out there, go to

Common Sense Journalism
Doug's blog that looks at editing and new-media issues. Here you can also find a link to the reports done on the Hartsville Today online community media project.

Teaching Online Journalism
Mindy McAdams' excellent site at which she looks at many of the issues of learning various multimedia techniques.

Newspaper Video
Not really a blog, but an online discussion group at Yahoo. If you have anything to do with shooting video for what was once a traditional "print" newsroom, you need to join and monitor this. Founded by Chuck Fadley at the Miami Herald, it has all the major practitioners (PF Bentley, Dirk Halstead, Peter Huoppi, Michael Rosenblum and others) as well as a lot of people just getting into the field. Includes the inside dope on much of the new gear (after all, those folks are on many manufacturers' "A" lists) and is a great place to get answers to those troubling technical questions.